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Gardening Themed Cake

Gardening Themed Cake

🌻 Gardening 👩‍🌾 & Sunflower 🌻 Garden Theme Cake 🌻

🌻 My brief was; loves gardening, flowers & their pets 🐶🐱

🌻 Four layer

☕️ Coffee Cake, with rich coffee buttercream icing

🌻 custom topper age & name

🌻 Happy Birthday Sandra

This cake had lots of elements, lots of extra cost to create the perfect garden cake.

Topper was a custom order.

From £85

This cake was £130 finished.

Topper cost £19.99

Plus all embellishments are an extra.

Depending on your design reflects the price.

I do love a, “happy for you to design cake!

If you’ve a birthday or special occasion coming up? Contact me for a quote or fire over ideas…

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