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About Me

How It All Began

Hi, my name is Bex the owner and cake baker at Bex Bakes.

The love of baking started at a young age, watching my Mum in the kitchen' who was cook/baker for a bespoke |Country Estate Farm shop in Basildon.

My Mother was from Ireland originally, and loved to bake amazing traditional Irish dishes for all us kids. 

I still remember the house was always full of wonderful smells and interesting bakes. Christmas time was always my favorite time of the year! 100's of mince pies and yule logs on every counter. Bubbling pans on the stoves. 

The extra bit of love was supplied by my Dad, being Italian he was I say, ' a better cake maker than my Mum ( but that's between us)

In lockdown I started baking again, like most of the country. Think we all baked Banana Bread ! 

I decided to start small and bake just for friends and family, and try out all my family recipes. Then it took off, recommendation after order.

Can you do my friends Hen do cupcakes? Can you make my baby's first birthday cake?  It just grew from there.

Here I am today...I'm still a small business but growing every day.

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